The method that changes the philosophy of construction.

The method that brings reality into your designs.

ΒΙΜ -Building Information Modeling is the method and the way of working, according to which, we conduct the management and completion of a project. This is achieved by modelling the project into an accurate simulation, which gives us the opportunity of improving and managing the technical and financial aspect of the project.

The BIM method originated from the U.S.A. around the early 80s and it has been spreading gradually around the world mainly because of its high demands in specialized personnel.
The benefits of a project managed and constructed according to the BIM standards, are multiple. Having a realistic image of the project in the computer, prior to construction, there is enough time to make crucial decisions about changes and improvements. In addition, the communication among the work groups becomes more efficient, the risk of failure is minimized and future interventions on the building become easier since there is always the BIM 3D construction manual that accompanies it.

The value of the buildings constructed and managed according to the BIM standards can be justified since all of the applications and materials used, are depicted in respective designs of the building.


bim walkthroughs

In a 3D depiction we create a simulation of the project and we may see various applications in detail prior to construction.