For Professionals

Architects, Civil Engineers, Construction companies and others.

We enable you to improve your studies and showcase them.

The professionals of the construction sector such as architects, civil engineers, construction companies and others may assign to ERGOPRISM a new project or the completion of a project already under construction.

Either they are users of the BIM method or not, they will benefit from our collaboration, profiting from all of its advantages, since the BIM improves the communication among project groups, making it much more efficient. Having acquired a long experience in the building construction projects, combined with the modern methods that we apply at the construction site, we are able to complete projects of high quality at a low cost, irrespective of size.

In addition, the project simulation into a 3D construction model, offers professionals the opportunity to track and manage, prior to construction initiation, possible defects and faults of their study, architectural details that may occur from implementation and to make the necessary changes without compromising the work progress.

By taking into consideration all of the above mentioned, the study is improved during construction and is highlighted by achieving the best aesthetic result.

ERGOPRISM assumes:

  1. Modelling of the project’s study in a 3D construction model BIM and cost estimation for a financial proposal of the project’s undertaking.

  2. We undertake the management and administration of projects according to BIM standards, offering the rest of the work teams all of the method’s advantages. We devise a budget and a master plan of general management of the construction site, so as to achieve high quality at a low cost.

  3. Technical study means that by using the BIM study, we study all the technical parameters, by devising a master plan of completion, so as to foresee any weaknesses of the study, vulnerable parameters of the construction, margins of improvement and unpredictable obstacles. Taking into consideration all of the above mentioned, we provide the designer with the opportunity to improve their study and to make decisions together for a wide range of construction matters. The Technical Study offers an elaborate and thorough view as to what is going to be built, prior to construction.

  4. By modelling the project we have the opportunity to devise a very realistic monetary plan which is dynamic. Whichever quantitative or qualitative change in design is made by the designer, the budget is automatically updated and recalculated.

  5. With the 3D architectural design & Option Design into a ΒΙΜ model, we offer a 3D architectural model which shows every material being used exactly as applied with all of their qualities. Using this model we can easily extract any 2D design one may need and they are all connected dynamically to the 3D model and to each other. All of the BIM designs are given out to the associated engineers in BIM and DWG format. By using the Option design we give the designer various design and financial solutions, for certain aspects of the project to choose from, without delaying the completion of new designs.

  6. In 3D Engineering design we devise designs of plumbing, mechanical and electrical installations where all of the wiring, cabling and tubes are depicted in current structures or how they are going to be running across when installed in a building. According to these designs, it is very easy to foresee whether the paths and crossings of any network affects structural elements, we decide which changes have to made at the architectural or engineering design and we make more thorough decisions about the installations and quickly resolve possible issues. From this design, we produce plumbing, air-conditioning and heating as well as electrical designs. The whole sum of these designs, are handed out to the customer in the form of a structural manual of the building.

  7. Our company undertakes the project’s construction and surveying employing permanently associated crews who have the know-how, the experience and the expertise to meet up to the high standards of word we expect and assign them to. During the work progress, we respect abide by the studies of the project, we keep a high quality standard through frequent qualitative and quantitative checks and we manage the construction site exceptionally in order to be consistent with the construction and time programming.